Writing & Scholarship

My latest book is called The New Apartheid. It pursues the idea that “apartheid did not die; it was privatised”. The book is available in all good South African bookstores and on all good digital platforms.

Much of my work involves using words, whether in speeches, books, academic articles or opinion editorials. In this section, you can explore my written thoughts. 


Democracy & Delusion

A fresh, different perspective on South African politics. Many common political arguments come pre-packaged in a very old and dusty box – and in this book, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh sets out to dismantle that box. The self-evident truths are not so inarguable. He argues that free education is far from impossible, land reform is not the first step to chaos, and the media is not free… In this incisive, informed book we

find challenges to commonly held opinions and new solutions to old problems.

The New Apartheid

Coming 28 July 2021

Has South Africa truly vanquished apartheid? In The New Apartheid, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh argues that: apartheid did not die; it was privatised. He explores this argument in five realms of South African life: space, law, wealth, punishment and technology.


DPhil Thesis

“Obedient rebellion: nuclear-weapon-free zones and global nuclear order, 1967 – 2017.” PhD diss., University of Oxford, 2020.

Book chapters

“The game’s the same: ‘Must Fall’ moves to Euro-America.” Fees must fall: Student revolt, decolonisation and governance in South Africa (2016): 74-86.

Academic Podcasts

The WiSER Podcast.
The Futures of the Constitution (Part 1): A Conversation with Professor Tshepo Madlingozi. The WiSER Podcast. 2021.

Academic Podcasts

The WiSER Podcast.
The Futures of the Constitution (Part 2): The Constitution and the New Apartheid.


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